Case study


Ductbusters Ltd was established in 1996 as the need for specialised Ductwork cleaning in a wide range of commercial and medical premises became more apparent Since its inception, Ductbusters has been of service to all sizes of organisation from the smallest fast-food outlet to major UK Hospital projects

Whilst the main focus of the business is Ductwork cleaning, Ductbusters have now expanded into Air Handling Unit maintenance, Kitchen Extract cleaning, the provision of Risk Assessments, Fire Damper drop testing and LEV testing.

The challenge

Having benefitted from using a CRM system for a number of years, the Senior Management team at Ductbusters recognized their need for change.

Given that their rapid business growth and continued expansion of services, this required a fresh look at systems that had the flexibility that they needed. They also knew that they needed to engage the services of a software company that could respond quickly and efficiently to their dynamic environment.

After a considered and lengthy search process, they identified Support Desk Pro as their preferred choice.

Ongoing benefits

In the short time that Ductbusters have adopted Support Desk Pro the business has continued to grow and develop. Additional services have been brought on board, as anticipated, and the system further developed to encompass these new processes.

Changes in industry standard auditing procedures required an immediate amendment to specific processes and forms. By adding the ability to hand draw a schematic drawing and the rework of an existing form/certificate meant that Ductbusters quickly met their compliance measures with flying colours.


Improved scheduling – reduce your travel time and costs by over 25%

Ability to send multi-service complex quotes

‘Whole Business’ system ensuring consistency throughout the Company

Regular Account Manager liaison/meetings with all departments

Speed of response both for a further development basis & technical support

Reduce visits by ensuring availability of correct equipment for correct service

Link to Sage ensuring double typing a thing of the past!

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